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Technical parameters WELDFIX 40

The weldfix 40 welder

performs welding through the localised and precise melting of plastic materials, obtained by means of ultrasounds. Ultrasonic welding is very different and has a fully resolving action compared to “hot” welding or to bonding. The diversity consists of the structural result of welding: the two pieces welded by ultrasound merge and penetrate into one another, creating one single welded piece, without the need for glues or additives.

The welding kit consists of the following:

A) AN ULTRASONIC GENERATOR connected to the gun. Thanks to the touch screen from the generator it is possible to set the welding time (with or without timer) and control the activity of the ultrasound. 6 different languages can be set on the display.

B) A GUN WITH EMITTER and connection cable. The gun is used by positioning it directly on the part to be welded and then pressing the activa-tion button. Thanks to the emitter in the handle, the electrical energy that comes from the gen-erator is transformed into mechanical vibration and transmitted to the sonotrode (interchange-able “tip” in the gun). The gun has a joint that allows for two different configurations, an ergo-nomic handle with elastomer protections that improve grip and a button-locking presser for greater safety.

C) TWO SONOTRODES IN TITANIUM: one with 12 points shape, 7.5 cm long, suitable for welding smooth surfaces, such as bumper sensors and BSD brackets.

The other one 7.5 cm long sonotrode for tubes, suitable for button welds that are difficult to ac-cess, such as the door panels of the car.
The sonotrodes are the components that trans-mit the vibration to the pieces to be assembled. They are the interchangeable “tips” of the gun and can be designed, manufactured and sup-plied with the most suitable characteristics for the welding to be performed.

E) TWO GRUB SCREWS to connect the sono-trodes to the gun
F) AN ALLEN KEY, 2,5 mm
G) TWO WRENCHES, 18 mm and 36 mm



Ultra sound welding is based on delivery to the parts to be weld of energy by sound waves outside the audible field and therefore for frequencies above 20 kHz. The advantages of this technology are:

• Low production costs, because it needs low energy
• High speed of welding, the process is developed in few seconds
• High performance certified, the process is reliable and capable thanks to a feedback of its parameters the process immediately warns if the welding is not correct.
• Precise localizzation. The welding doesn't affect and degrade the parts to be welded, as a matter of facts this kind of welding can be applied to parts very thin with the side opposite to the welding one already painted.
• Broad spectrum and with high versatility. The welding can be adopted by a vast category of thermoplastic materials vergin, filled or pigmented
• Clean technology, it doesn't release fumes and residues.

Comimport Italia designs and manufactures all the components necessary for the ultrasonic welding process for frequencies 20 - 30 - 40 kHz: 

- Multi-processor microprocessor control unit
- Sine wave generator
- Emitter that transforms the current into vibration
- Amplifier
- Sonotrode

The main reason for this choice is to maximize performance and to have the maximum degree of freedom in modifying all the parameters of the welding process intervening directly by software or by hardware.
This degree of freedom combined with a deep know-how of technology generally allows us to solve all the problems that our customers submit to us.

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Operating principle and operating instructions

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