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Pneumatic feeding of granular material and powder


POWDER SPEED is the best solution for difficult materials (heavy granules, fiberglass, wet powder) that cannot be fed with a vacuum.

POWDER SPEED can control up to 64 different receivers and can become a centralized feeding system for a large number. With Air Booster (dilution of the material in the pipeline)

The material feeding distance can be up to 100 m between the loading point and the receiver, without an intermediate station. The low feed rate of the material increases the service life of the pipeline and prevents the appearance of angel hair or destruction of granules during loading.

POWDER SPEED has 3 models: 60-80-150 liters, with a capacity of up to 10,500 kg / h, and a distance of more than 90 m.

In case the feed is hot, there is a "H" version with protection> 120 ° C.

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