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Peripheral equipment

Raw material loading

To ensure the smooth operation of injection molding, blow molding and extrusion machines, it is necessary to have a constant availability of processed material. various loading systems have been developed to solve this problem.

Material loaders and receivers work in automatic mode, substituting the material to the consumer. if there is no material, the equipment will give a signal to prevent it from stopping.


Single-phase loaders can be used to load consumers with small capacity and over short distances, with a maximum capacity of up to 180 kg / hour.  To load large volumes of material, three-phase systems are used with a capacity of up to 1400 kg / hour.

Optionally, the receivers can be equipped with various filters, a floor filterfilter-shaker " for working with highly polluted raw materials, or a proportional valve that allows mixing crushed material in a given proportion.


Dosing systems are designed for the introduction of dye, crushed material or any other granular additives with a given capacity. Depending on the formulation and performance, we can offer several types of dispensers.


Dryplast — These are systems for drying all types of materials. The equipment uses efficient generators to ensure maximum performance with minimum energy consumption. The dryer generates the required amount of air and maintains the required temperature for each type of material.

DEGA has developed several series of dryers, which are used depending on the type of material to be prepared and performance.

Conveyors and separators

Conveyors are designed to transport finished products from the production area of ​​the injection molding machine.

Thermo regulation

DEGA temperature control devices are varied to maintain a constant temperature in injection molding machines or extruders. The series of thermocontrollers are divided into 3 categories depending on the heating medium: temperature control with water, pressurized water or oil.


Series SG 14/24


Series SG 16/20


Series SG 23/30/36

Silo storage

Silos are designed for storage of polymer granules or crushed material. This method of storing polymer raw materials allows you to compactly organize the storage space and thereby free up the production area of ​​the workshop.

Silos can be equipped with weight metering devices with recording data on the consumption of each type of raw material.

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