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Thin wall containers

The packaging industry demands faster, more precise and robust machines.
Over the years cycle times have become ever shorter even with higher cavitation and 24/7 working.
Overlapping movements, thinner wall sections and the consequent reduce cooling time all contributing to cycle time reduction.

Disposable crates

Disposible crates have become the most economic solution for the transport of fresh fruit and vegetables with the market demand growing rapidly.
Pressure from the food industry to replace traditional wooden crates with plastic crates that are more hygienic and easy to clean is immense.
The collapsible versions also meet the requirements for space saving transportation and storage.
BMB offers fast cycling machines for both single cavity small crate (550 tonnes press) and 2 cavities larger crates (1300 tonnes press).

Pails and round containers

The extended opening strokes inherent in the KW toggle clamping design, allow the production of deep products with a lower tonnage machine.
The increasing application of IML systems also leads to the demand for machines with extended opening strokes to facilitate the insertion of labels and the extraction of the finished product.

Equipment used
Injection moulders
Injection moulds
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