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3 Axis Servo Robots

3 Axis Servo Robots

Available strokes for 100 -4000 Ton range.

ENELKON’S Top Entry Servo Robots are mainly preferred for take-out, insert, stacking, stacking and also for IML applications. With easy position teaching ability, Top Entry Robots can be used for different applications in different industries such as food packaging, pain industry, houseware products, automotive and medical products

Pick and Place

Enelkon Automation designs a variety of systems to perform “Pick and Place” applications. The process consist in moving objects from point to point. To perform these movements, the molded parts are picked up and placed in a different location. Enelkon is able to customize the application according to the customer requirement, including the incorporation of vision inspection systems.

The advantages

  • Easy position teaching
  • Storage up to 100 programs
  • Runs up to 10 parallel programs
  • Program back-up/restore via USB
  • Remote assistance via ethernet available on request
  • Step-by Step programming
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