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In-Mould-Labelling, known for short as IML, is the most efficient and effective method of decoration for plastics packaging.

Enelkon offers a large range of different solutions to equip IMM from different brands. Our expertise field is IML (In Mold Labelling). Our custom designed robots, provide High Position accuracy, reliable mechanical construction, user friendly interface, high quality global components.

  • Quality Control with vision system
  • Multicavity Applications (6-8-12 Cavities)
  • Handle Integration
  • Anti-Static System

The advantages of IML

The application of IML technology to your packaging has several advantages over conventional decoration techniques:

  • Elimination of the post-production process of decorating and therefore its time and cost.
  • High-quality image.
  • Outstanding durability.
  • Wide range of design and graphic options.
  • Environment-friendly product generation: package and label compatibility facilitates recycling. 
  • As the finished article is then removed from the mold by a high-speed robot the hygiene of the product is maintained.


Watch the video

High Speed Robot for IML


  • high speed
  • short cycle
  • visual quality control system
  • automation and cost reduction
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