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Filling line for drums and Industrial Bulk Containers


  • primer
  • building paints
  • shipbuilding paints
  • impregnating agents for wood
  • bitumen
  • resins for composite products
  • single and two-component adhesives
  • raw materials for the chemical industry
  • flammable materials (ATEX standards)



Semi automatic filling machine

SEMI AUTOMATIC  filling machine: versions for up to 216 lt drum, and for IBC or 4 drums over one pallet.
For standard and flammable product (ATEX)
Loading unit to be handled by fork lift.

AUTOMATIC Filling lines for drums

AUTOMATIC Filling lines for single drums and for palletized drums ( 4 pcs over one pallet )

1)       Loading and unloading station of the pallet by mean of forklift

2)      Camera for location of the drums neck.

3)      Lids Unscrewing and transfer to sealing station

4)      Weight filler with nozzle installed on three axis Cartesian arm.

5)       Lids screwing and crimping.

6)      Safety cabin for dangerous  vapour.

AUTOMATIC filling line for pallet-based tailored containers

1)      Loading and unloading stations by mean of fork lift

2)      Weight or volumetric filler

3)       Filling valves  for special technical liquids. 

          In Example:  hot bitumen packed in heat resistant containers, made of wood and pressed cardboard. Volume up to 1 cubic meter. 

4)     Automatic arm for placing and sealing the lid.

LID APPLYING STATION for metal buckets containing technical and corrosive liquids

The station performs the following operations:

1)      Unstack the metal lid and place it on the bucket

2)      Then  inserts the lid and closes it by pressure

3)      Unstacks the seal ring ( Tie) and places it around the lid

4)      Springs  the locking knob of the tie to seal it  around the lid.

5)      ATEX VERSION AVAILABLE for flammable and explosive liquids

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